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Reverends. Nelson Mejia

Kara Thompson de Mejia and Family.

Serving the Lord in Roatan, Honduras.

Please pray for our family and for our ministry with the church in Roatán.

We are are grateful for Kara’s birthday on August 24th, and we ask your prayers for

Kelly’s birthday on Sept. 25th and Stephen’s on October 4th.

May God continue to richly bless them.


Our first Anniversary

It is a year already since we moved to our own property, and we are counting our blessings.

We bought the land, we moved there, a month later we built a shelter, before Christmas

we installed water and electricity, in January we built a shed and a room for a caretaker,

after we went on to build a septic system.  Not only that, in the first week of May

we started to see our dream take shape as we started construction on the church building

for Emmanuel Church in Coxen Hole.

August 22nd – 24th we celebrated this first anniversary and it was really

a blessing to get together both congregations, Coxen Hole and Brick Bay.

We focused every day on preaching on the family to empower listeners to walk in the love of Jesus Christ.

The many activities included worship, music, drama, dance,  singing,

and a preacher every day, one from the island, and the other from a Episcopal Church on the mainland.

On the last day, the Rev. Nelson preached.

We ended our anniversary activities on the 24th of August with a family day

and traditional games that we all enjoyed.

Cursillo  Weekend

Two women, one from Coxen Hole Church and one from Brick Bay,

went with the Rev. Kara to attend the Cursillo weekend on the mainland.

They came back on fire to enroll in church activities and filled with the love of Jesus.

Also, a girl from the church in Brick Bay went with the Rev. Kara to serve on the team at the

Happening weekend and another young girl went to participate for the first time.



It is always a blessing being a part of the Roatán  Church project.

We continued the construction till the first week in August, and we are

very happy with the progress obtained so far.

The Roatán team worked with courage and they are looking forward

to continuing the work early next year. We have attached few pictures of the construction.

A Home for a Church Family

God is so good and always provides for the people in need.

At the end of July a family from our church congregation received a home.

through a nonprofit organization called Dwellings.

Martha and her family had been praying for a long time.

They said, “It is a miracle; GOD answered our prayer and we are very grateful.

Now we have a home, and we pray for those who do not have one.

” This was arranged through the Episcopal Church.

A Great  Story

We always welcome new visitors to the congregtion of Emmanuel Church in Coxen Hole.

A mother was introducing herself and her 12-year-old daughter

and then she pointed out a 6-year-old boy and said,

“and this is my son, Andy Jackson, who brought us to church tonight!”

We all applauded. It is amazing what a child can do for the Kingdon of God.

This boy lives close to the church, and I imagined him walking past it so many times,

wondering which Sunday he and his family could attend.

We are very happy with the new Sunday school shelter;

it is nice for the children to have their own space.


A Special Thank You

Thank you so much for your generous support, which has enabled us

to continue our ministry.

We would greatly appreciate your continued financial support

and wonder if you wish to make a donation and/or a pledge

of regular support towards our mission at this time.

  (Cheques to be made payable to SAMS Canada and marked,

Kara & Nelson Mejía on the reference line or in an attached note).  Please mail to:

SAMS Canada, PO Box 28012, Barrie, ON  L4N 7W1

Or, you can make a credit card donation by telephone,

or online through the SAMS Canada website at

On the website homepage, click on the Donate to SAMS link,

then select the secure CanadaHelps portal. Please select

‘Kara Thompson and Nelson Mejía, Honduras’ in the Your Donation Will Support box.

You can contact the SAMS office by email at:, or by telephone: (705) 728-7151