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Mejia November 2014 update

We can’t believe we are almost at the end of 2014, the Christmas ornaments are on display at the stores, and we can see how much this season is commercialized. As a church we encourage our congregation to reflect on the true Spirit of this season. Many activities will happen through the end of the year, involving children youth and adults. In this update we will share with you some of our activities during the month of October.

 Children’s Day at our Church

 Children’s Day is a very special occasion in Honduras. Many schools, private and public, celebrate the day with games, and refreshments and usually with volunteer work. For many companies, it is an opportunity to do social work and connect with the community.


We took the opportunity to celebrate Children’s Day at our church on September 10th, inviting new families to enjoy this special occasion.


Breaking a piñata is a popular game on Children’s day. For our church’s celebrations honoring the kids, we cooked

for them and broke the customary piñata.

The children had fun playing games, and we parents and parishioners enjoyed being with them and seeing all the

smiling and happy faces around the churchyard.

Thanks to the municipality that gave us two piñatas for our celebrations


Jesus is transforming lives! A new member of our church shared:

“My wife treats me differently now. And of course what woman wants to treat

kindly a man who returns home

drunk every weekend with hardly any money for the family?”

“I am grateful to God, because I am a new person now, and I will never be the same.”


On Hector’s birthday family and friends came to celebrate with him for the first time. When we were praying for him

we invited everyone to say congratulations. At the end Hector told me, “We are not a hugging family, but I feel so happy

to be receiving my first hug from my sisters and brothers.”

God is doing His work, giving individuals and families a new outlook on life. Praise Him.

 Don Julio

Don Julio accepted Jesus Christ into his heart early this year, and he continues walking with Jesus every day. He does not have

family in Roatan but we are grateful to have him be part of our church family.

Please pray for him and others in our congregation, to continue to grow in their spiritual life.

Bible Day in Honduras.

The last Sunday in September we celebrated Bible day in Honduras. Since 1987, churches have celebrated this day in different ways. The two congregations, Brick Bay and Coxen Hole, went around the church community to do evangelism and deliver New Testaments in Spanish and English. Children, young people and adults were involved. We presented the gospel and a few people received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour as a result. We would like to reach out like this more often, as we know that it meets a spritiual need that every person has.

Team from New Brunswick to join the Mejias this winter

Please pray for Bob and Peggy Boucher, Riley Creaghan, Marcia Landry, Pat Mosher, Sara McDonald,
Dylan Nicoll and Katlyn Thomas,  John Galbraith, Jesse Galbraith, Bill MacKenzie, Emma MacKenzie, Mary Robinson and Jeanne Sayre.

They are from several different parishes in New Brunswick and all are delighted about coming to Roatan from the 27th of February to the 7th of March, 2015, to continue the construction of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Roatan. They are also planning to do a VBS during their time here.  Please pray!

Prayer Requests

 Please pray for different ministries we wish to develop further or establish in our church:

  • Worship team
  • Youth Ministry’s
  • Leadership
  • Sunday school teachers
  • Welcome team
  • Events committee

Pray for the parishioners to respond to God’s calling for them to serve in the Kingdom of God.

 A Special

Thank you card 1

Thank you so much for your generous support, which has enabled us to continue our ministry with the Episcopal Church

in Roatan, Bay Island, Honduras.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers  for our family and ministrys.

 Please pray for Pr. Sonny Moon from the Methodist Church in the USA. He is organizing a team to come

to Roatan in February.

Pray for the people to respond to this special mission trip.

 Following the Construction    

Coxen Hole Property 1