Greetings to all our readers,

Nelson and I needed to go to Tegucigalpa to process Kelly’s citizenship, get her passport, and renew my passport. It was a lot of paperwork but thankfully we got it down.

We needed to authenticate her Honduran Birth Certificate, then authenticate the signature from the authentication, then have all three documents translated, and lastly verify the translations from the office of foreign ministry. This is all for one citizenship.  We went through the same thing about 6 years ago, but many things have changed.  Nelson during our last step says to me, thankfully this is the last time we will go through this.  At least the last time we were living in Tegucigalpa which made it a lot easier. This time a lot of money and time were involved, but we finally were able to hand everything in 5 minutes to 12, when the Canadian Consulate closed at 12:00pm.

We had left the children with Nelson’s mother in Siguatepeque so it was easier for us. Now we will take this week to rest a little in Nelson’s home town visiting family members, and relaxing a bit before heading back to Roatan.

We were able to start a seminary program in conjunction with the methodist church. Brent Stiller helped us during his 6 weeks with a class on preaching.  We have 3 people from our church receiving the classes. Since they had recently finished with the preaching classes, we gave them practice by leading the services and preaching for these two Sundays that we are not going to be there.  We will find out how they did once we return.

Please pray for protection as the day before we left Roatan, someone broke into the house about 3:00am and stole Nelson’s cell phone, digital camera, coffee and even a can of milk for Kelly. The computer was there, but it wasn’t taken, nor was the bike. Everybody was sound asleep and never heard a thing. During our time away, Nelson’s brother is there but we also have someone to watch over the house. However we did call a welder to make us bars for the windows, at least for those in the living room, kitchen for now until we are able to get money to make the others.

Please pray that Kelly Canadian citizenship will be approved, along with her passport and mine will be sent without any problem.

May God bless you and pray that you will all have a good summer.

Kara and Nelson