Thank you so much for all your prayers. They really worked. A while back the Diocesan office asked us to either look for a piece of land or a house to buy which would become the rectory. Nelson one day came across a nice house already built, and immediately contacted the office and sent pictures. They really liked it and the bishop approved it, so they began the process to get a loan through the bank. The bank approved the loan but only 80% of it, and the diocese just didn’t know where they were going to get the other 20% so they had said that they weren’t going to buy it. So we felt discouraged but at the same time praying about it. The owner of the house had been in communication with the diocesan treasurer and they reached an agreement. We all of a sudden received a call last week from the office saying that they will buy the house and we are to move now this week to prevent having to pay another month of rent. Yes, it has been hectic but we are at the final stage now. Tomorrow morning (Thursday) we will move the last bit of things and then have to re-settle all over again. This we can at least do bit by bit.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and please continue to pray for us in this new transition. It is like starting all over again. 

Please pray for our telephone line as they said that there is no space and that we can’t put it in yet. We would need to wait until somebody leaves from that area which could take forever.  We will have our cell phones but we will also need the local line.  Nothing is impossible with God. He provided the house so he will provide the phone line too.

Thank you for all your support.

Kara and Nelson