December 2016 Update

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We would like to start by saying thank you to all of you who made possible so many wonderful things throughout 2016 in our ministry. In a few days we will celebrate Christmas and then say goodbye to 2016 and welcome a New Year.

We have been so wonderfully blessed in our ministry over the past year. We are excited to share that the church roof is completed and doors and windows to be installed soon. (Windows are not installed yet.)

We want to especially thank all the teams from New Brunswick and Ontario who have made a tremendous effort in supporting the construction from the beginning. We are so grateful, too, for all the individuals, parishes and organizations that have contributed and continue to partner with Emmanuel Church in Roatan.

We continue to support the married couples in our church; on the last week of November some members of our congregation participated in a marriage conference.

A family member received a home with the support of a USA team (for those who remember Will, he is the church member that guided the roof building installation). For a number of years he and his family were moving from place to place, but thank God, finally they moved to their own house. Praise the Lord!

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Some of the primary school aged children from our church participated in a children’s ministry program, “The Great Adventure”, for three months, and then received a certificate of participation. We believe in providing Christian education geared to our children to build a stronger future church.

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What is happening this Christmas Season?

  • First, the youth led the service Sunday 18th – they performed a drama, and a 14 year old preached. All of them took part in the service, a way of being involved in leadership.
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  • Before Christmas Eve, we will deliver Christmas baskets with groceries and toys to the less fortunate, thanks to Christ Church in Campbellton, St. Andrew’s in Dalhousie, and St. Mary’s in Robinsonville, N.B. Thanks to their generosity, many children will have a Christmas present this year.
  • We have a new member in the worship team: Lanicay is ready to sing.

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  • At Emmanuel Church in Coxen Hole we will hold Christmas Services on the 24th at 7:00 pm, and in Brick Bay Church on the 25th at 7:00 pm, and any members from either of the two parishes will come to those services.

We are planning a Christmas Dinner on the 29th of December. Both congregations will meet together as the body of Christ to worship, share and give thanks to the Most High for every blessing.

The end of year services will go till midnight to welcome in the new year, a tradition we have here on the Island. We plan to worship together and will prepare some drama, songs and other activities to share together as we wait for the new year to arrive.

We are grateful for all that God has done for us, and are looking forward to all the blessings God has in store for us in 2017. Join us in praying for God’s grace and mercy throughout the year ahead.

Once more, we thank you for all your support. We will continue to keep you in our prayers and ask that you continue to pray for us and our ministry.

Please continue to pray for:

  1. Continued financial support for the next years as we continue to serve the Lord on Roatán, Honduras.2. Our congregations: St. Peter by the Sea in Brick Bay, and Emmanuel in Coxen Hole.3. Short term mission teams who plan to come to Roatán in the near future from New Brunswick parishes and other provinces in Canada.

    4. The ongoing construction in Coxen Hole – we hope to install the windows down each side next. Please pray for funds to complete the remaining stages: windows at the front of the church, walls to be stuccoed, cement concrete for the floor and ceramic tiles.

    5. Gerardo, our youth leader, that God will continue to use him to guide the young people.

    6. Spiritual and practical outreach in the local communities.

    7. Nelson, who was asked by the Bishop to be part of a team helping those entering into the ordination process.

    8. Nelson, who was asked by the Cursillo Committee to be the Spiritual Director for the next Cursillo weekend to be held January 18-22, 2017.

  2. Kara, whose uncle just passed away in New Brunswick.10. The Episcopal Church in Honduras, for the process toward self-sufficiency by the end of 2019.11. Our next project – building multiuse rooms for church activities and social projects: Sewing, Sunday School, kitchen, and possible daycare project, to support families that need someone to care for their kids when they are at work.

    Thank you very much for your prayers and continued support that enable us to continue in this ministry.

    May God continue to richly bless you.

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