Does God Answer Prayer? Emmanuel Church, Coxen Hole, Roatan, Honduras

BArco Hundido

On January 4th, the boat taking the steel sections for the roof of Emmanuel Church, Coxen Hole, foundered, along with another boat, while leaving La Ceiba, on the north coast of Honduras for the island of Roatan, about 50 km to the north. Some light material was taken off, but high waves blew up overnight and most of the steel (and a car) were washed overboard. The boat then drifted ashore (see the left hand photo), where any remaining steel sections were stolen.

This seemed to be tragedy, especially as it had been hoped to start construction on the roof before the arrival of another Canadian Short Term Team from Miramichi in New Brunswick on January 27th to help the local Hondurans with the construction of the roof.

Nelson had enough money for a deposit for the company in El Salvador to fabricate new steel sections, but not enough to pay the balance due. There was much prayer, but also action! An e-blast went out across Canada from SAMS Canada on January 8th to past supporters of the Revs Kara & Nelson Mejia, asking for prayer, and if possible, donations. Two people (one from Nova Scotia and one from B.C.) each gave $5,000. The retired donor from Nova Scotia told me, “You asked at the right time. I was going to go to the bank to transfer $5,000 to my TFSA, but instead I will send it to Roatan.” The Cdn $10,000 was forwarded to Honduras on January 13th.

By January 21st, the new steel sections were at the site of the church. The Miramichi team arrived January 27th. By February 5th (one month after the shipwreck), four of the main roof trusses had been welded together on-site (right hand photo)!

There have been many answers to prayer during this project, including several while the St. Bride’s (Mississauga) Short Term Team was there. It is often a combination of urgent prayer and prayerful action! However, the chief response after any of these events is to Thank and Praise the Lord!


Denys Reades

Co-chair, SAMS Canada