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Getting ready for the next step , April, Update 2014
It is 8 months already since we moved to the site, for worship services and to start the initial work on the building for Emmanuel Church in Coxen Hole (levelling the land, building a shelter, building a shed, and installing electricity, water and septic).
We finished this just before Holy Week, which was great, as we celebrated the Easter Vigil for the first time at the church in Coxen Hole, together with the congregation of Brick Bay Church.
Holy week worship services gave us the opportunity to celebrate Jesus, get closer as congregations and remind ourselves that because Jesus died on the cross we are saved, and because we have faith and believe in the power of the resurrection we live.
We continue in both congregations with regular activities every week, but at the same time we are preparing to continue the construction of the church in Coxen Hole.
We have the honour of welcoming a team from St. Brides Anglican Church in Mississauga Ontario to Roatan .
A group of 6 people are coming down from May 3rd – 10th to help us start the foundation of the church building as a first stage of the construction.
We are looking forward to working together and developing this project, but it is not only about work; it is also about continuing to develop our relationship, getting to know each other and sharing with each other in order to grow in our faith in Jesus Christ.
The opportunity is open to support this project by praying or by organizing a team to come down and be immersed in a mission that will give you a new perspective on life, experience a different culture, interact with new Christians, and receive the blessing of serving the Lord in this part of the world.
Don’t miss the opportunity to pray and support this project. This building will not just be a church building; it is also designed to be a shelter in emergencies, and we will use part of the church space to start a sewing project to financially support single women around Roatan.
Exciting times are coming!!!
Please pray for safe travel for the team.
May God continue to bless you all the time.

Nelson and Kara Mejia