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Christmas baskets with food for the poor families in Roatan.

Every year Christ Church Campbellton and the parishes of Restigouche and Dalhousie raise money to help families in Roatan, Honduras have a better Christmas.

Two years ago we began involving the youth in going to the poor communities and giving out toys to those really needy kids. This year we did something different: We gave toys to the kids at our church (about 35) and we made 50 Christmas baskets with food and delivered them ourselves to the families in one of the poor areas in Roatan. We walked a long way over the hill to deliver them, and the experience was amazing. We heard the youth say, “This really means something to us, especially seeing the kids and adults happy with their baskets.”

Many families try to get special food at Christmas so that they can celebrate the season.

This experience was so humbling for everyone who saw the smiles of those families receiving the Christmas baskets.

Thank you to those churches and may we encourage others to participate in this project so we will be able to reach others in need next Christmas season!

Enjoy the pictures, which speak for themselves.

May God continue to Bless You.