Dear Brothers and Sisters

Thank you very much for your prayers and support as we serve the Anglican Church in Honduras on the island of Roatan.

Looking back, we are encouraged to see the growth in the congregation in Brick Bay, from about 6 when we arrived in 2006 to about 40-50 today. Kara leads the services there with Nelson’s help. Coxen Hole is the largest town on Roatan, and we are working to help a congregation that has grown from zero to between 20 and up to 30; Nelson leads the services there with Kara’s help!

As you may know, the Coxen Hole congregation has been meeting in temporary accommodation in a room. However, we have an offer on a piece of land for which we want to have the legally approved land transfer of the ownership of the land; it has passed Stage 1 (out of 3!). We very much pray that it will be completed by July or August.

The land cost $40,000 and we are hoping that the full amount will have been raised soon, so that future donations can go towards the construction, which would start later this year/early 2013 after the land transfer is approved. Once the land is cleared and serviced, we would plan to put up the first building as a combined church and sewing training area; this will cost about $50,000.

Please continue to pray for us while we are in New Brunswick until mid-July and for the two congregations in Roatan in Brick Bay and in Coxen Hole, as well as for several potential short term teams from Canada who will come to help us.

May God continue to bless you…

Nelson and Kara Mejia+

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