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Praise God in his Holy temple; let everything that has breath praise the Lord, Hallelujah! Psalm 150: 1, 6

We believe that worship is the most important part in the life of the church, because this is what draws people closer to God, for this reason we started training a few girls and boys between ages 8 to 12 to sing and lead the worship at every Sunday service. One day during Bible Study, while worshiping a group of 4 girls really sang out to God, which added to the worship as they sang their hearts out. It sounded so beautiful, so we decided to ask them if they would like to sing in a choir for Sunday services. Netheless to say, we didn’t have to mention anything else. We told them that practice was going to be at a certain day and time. This day we arrived a bit early and they were all on top of us asking if it was time for practice now. Even the parents are enjoying this excitment as this is the only way to get them to do the chores because they can’t go until they finish.
While in Canada, we were donated a drum which David, one of the boys plays on a regular basis. He really does a great job with it, and one day during Bible Study he shared how he had prayed to God to show him what he could do in church, and the Lord answered his prayer as he is part of the worship. This really encourages us to see these kids so involved and excited to be a part of the church worshiping God.
This is a start of the band that we want to form, and we are praying that God will provide people who want to play the guitar or piano, which gives the freedom to Nelson to be able to lead without having to worry about playing on Sunday mornings.

Margarita, one of the church members will be providing vestments for all of them to use every Sunday as she sees their motivation and wants to help in any way she can. This also adds to their enthusiasm. These kids are such a blessing not only to us but to the other adults as well. Through this, the adults feel more encouraged as well, and just draws us closer together as a church family.
God is so Good, praise the Lord, please continue to pray for this group of kids, that they can continue to sing and give the Glory to our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Sing to the Lord a new song; sing his praise in the congregation of the faithful.
Psalm 149: 1