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Thank you for all your prayers for the young people last October 3th. They led two services one in Brick Bay  and other  in Coxen Hole. They did a good job and the adults liked it and saw the enthusiasm in them. They led the entire service except for Kara who did the communion,  they chose the music for that Sunday and led a choreography to a song titled Believe.  It was great to see God use them.  We can really see the strengths and leadership in many of them, and can see how a few could become leaders in the church in the near future.

Youth Ministry is a very important aspect in the life of the church, and for the year 2011 we will include them leading the services at least  4 times  in the year and they will continue taking part in the regular services every week.  

 We were really blessed with the faithfulness of one of them as she was really sick with a fever the night before but there  she was in both services and did the best she could to serve God!!! I told her not to worry if she doesn’t feel well, we will get somebody else to do her part, but she told me no, that God was going to help her be there for both.  He was there through her. She spoke about what the song in the choreography (Believe) was all about and you can see the Holy Spirit through her.  It was perfect as she related it to her own life how she believed that she will be here and she was, even if her body was telling her something else. We do pray that God will give her a double portion of His Spirit through this faithfulness!!!  

We pray for the young people and we ask you to pray that God will continue to bless them, keep them focused in Jesus,  Glorify Him, and make Him Know to those who need it.