“Reaching the World through the Church”.
Workshop on Growing the Church
The past 12th and 13th of February we had the opportunity to have Howard Ball to do a workshop with the leadership from the church in Coxen Hole and Brick Bay community.
The workshop was on “Reaching the World through the Church”, on the Dynamics of Growing and Equipping our congregation to Bear Fruit. It was intended to meet with each congregation’s leadership (clergy and leaders) for at least 4 hours.
Howard has been with Campus Crusade for Christ for many many years and developed this workshop for churches throughout the world.
It was a Blessing, to have the opportunity to explore with Howard and Fr. Joe Rhodes, the proper way that we can work and grow effectively.
The objective of the workshop was to meet; the leaders of each church hear the vision and plan and then to ask the Lord if we as the leadership of our church should commit to, wholeheartedly, as unto the Lord, faithfully implement the plan, with guidance and assistance from Howard and Fr. Joe.

We ask your prayers for us and our parishes, especially for guidance and commitment unto the Lord, Reaching the people around through our Church.

The congregations loved the workshop but upon talking about implementing what we have heard, nobody responds. Everybody wants everybody else to do the work and not get involved themselves. There is a fear of commitment. It begins with the fear of failure. What if they commit and something happens that they can’t keep what they promised or committed too?
In Brick Bay we have begun a discipleship program with those who want to commit themselves every week to meet, study his word, pray and grow in the Lord. It is amazing to see that the people that I expected to form part of this aren’t and the members that weren’t very active are the ones committing to this. We have now met for 3 weeks and they have been good, have had very good discussions about what we read in the Bible. It is a small group of 4 but perhaps these will be the future leaders. Please pray for these 4; Jessy, Victor, Rosalia and Cintia that God will touch them during this discipleship program and be trained to be effective leaders in bringing forth His Great Commission.
Please pray for this fear of commitment. We ask you to pray for us that God will lead us in trying to develop the leadership that He has planned not who we think can become leaders.