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Clergy Retreat

Every year the diocese organizes a Clergy Retreat. This is a time to come together to reflect on our own spiritual growth, and be filled with His Spirit. We are always ready to attend the church needs, pray, listen, counsel and we serve in any way we can but there isn’t time where we can come and receive.  This retreat helped us renew our strength for the front line battle in which we are placed.

Coming together as a clerical family as we are, provides wonderful opportunities of deepening our fellowship with our other brothers and sisters in ministry. At this retreat, there was more bonding, forgiveness, and had a wonderful time of praying for each other, and our different ministries.  

This time, a team from SOMA USA came to minister to us. SOMA stands for sharing our ministry abroad, and ministers exclusively to clergy within the Anglican/ Episcopal church. We looked at topics such as; the role of a pastor, intercessory prayer, the importance of having people pray for us on a daily basis, spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit, etc. We had a lot of small group time, to pray for each other and our ministries and together as a diocese we made a covenant with each other, and promised to walk along side one another, supporting each other in ministry.  Before, we felt like there was a lot of greed, each person involved in their own work, and not being there for someone else who may need it, in the clerical family. This week, we really felt that all that was broken. We do pray that this continues to be so.  

We had a beautiful ministry time where the SOMA team prayed for each of us. we could see a lot more receptivity to the moving of His Spirit. The Holy Spirit came with power, witnessing a couple of healings. He is good.

We did have a wonderful week and we pray that God will give us the strength to continue with the ministry that He is calling us to do.

Please continue to pray for us and our ministry in the Bay Island of Roatan, Honduras.

Thank you for all your support!!!