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God is good, all the time!

 I have never seen a group of young people touched so much has we saw these kids. We organized a welcome for them at church and had each one stand to share what God did for them. All of them stood up there, crying, asking for forgiveness to their parents, telling them how much they loved them. One of them touched our heart, crying her heart out sharing asking for forgiveness, saying that she knew that before she went she was doing things she was not supposed to do, but that from now on, she was going to change. She said I am not perfect but I promise with God’s help to keep going forward.

We was just standing with these kids in front of their parents, the whole community, a full church crying along with them. It was so beautiful.

A greatest thing is that the husband of the young adult that went with the other kids has never gone to church formally but went tonight to see her upon her return, and through all of this, he will possible come to church.

God is so good!!! Thank you all so much for your Prayers and everything. Without those people who helped sponsor all those kids, this would not have happened. This was God’s will and their time.

Now, we will continue to prayers, help and encourage these kids to keep the fire going!!!!

God is good, all the time.