This is to share that yesterday afternoon we safely arrived to Honduras. We stayed the night with a SAMS US missionary Barbara Boghetich in San Pedro Sula and we head over to Roatan this morning in a few hours. We had a great evening. Nelson’s mother, father, cousin, aunt were all here to visit us upon our arrival. His parents came and received us at the airport. It felt really good to have such a great welcome.
Thank you for all your prayers. Our luggage were all checked directly to Roatan and already have our boarding passes for this morning which makes it much easier especially with young children. We did see however that they were all here. Praise God!!
Our bishop also called us this morning to say Welcome Back and had a good chat with him.
Many Blessings to you all!! Thank you very much for all your hospitality and help while we were in Canada.
God Bless!!
The Mejia Family