We have not only been focussing on Brick Bay; we have been in the midst of planting a new church in Coxen Hole, one of the bigger areas on the island and with a greater growth projection. We began meeting in our new home for a while, but when the diocese purchased the rectory, we began meeting in a local high school which did not work out too well, so we decided to rent a place in the center of Coxen Hole only for the Sunday services.
We met here for about 6 months when we received a call from the owner saying that she was not going to rent it anymore because she was going to make a hotel. Now what are we going to do? One of the students from the seminary that we began with the Methodist church offered us a place, still in the center of Coxen Hole, to use free of charge.
This has been a wonderful provision from God but it is only lent to us until we are able to find a place of our own. This is why we have been looking for a piece of land where we can build our church which is now our goal and dream as a church

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